Testimonials of Volunteers

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  • Volunteer by Dasia

    I can not wait until it is time for me to volunteer!

  • Elder helprs by Manny

    i like being part of elder helpers. i was confined in the hospital for months during my teens,so i know how it feels when peopl help you.would love to spread the word about this

  • Helping out and just being there by Lurelle

    Hi there. When I was a teenager I worked in a nursing home and really enjoyed my time with the elderly. I learnt an enormous amount form them and I hope they benefited from my company too. I have been fortunate to have had some amazing experiences in my life, and have also experienced pain. These experiences have kept me grounded and in a loving place where I accept everybodies little differences and ideas about the world. I am more than happy to help out in any physical activities such as gardening, cooking, cleaning, etc. I would be equally comfortable just sitting around and chatting or going out for the day. Thank you and I hope to hear from you.

  • I love helping my community. by The Nerd

    Working with old people of past generations is exciting. I mean its like i work with those kids that make wishes before their dead. Well you know what i mean. Theres only certain things you can do, a certain way you should behave and at the end of the day its all worth it because your the one responsible for giving someone a smile to go to sleep with.

  • Helping is learning by Shannon Brown

    Volunteering for this program has been a great experience for me. Nothing was wasted with all the hours I used for the elders. Not only that I helped, I also learned a lot talking and listening to elders.

  • Trying to volunteer for graduation and to help by Michael

    Hoping I can start helping people soon (just joined) =D

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