Testimonials of Volunteers

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  • Helping is being helped by Jamie Santos

    One of the elders I helped was almost blind but loved to read so much, so I would read to him and he would give me such a nice smile. When I volunteer, I feel like I am the one being helped.

  • :) by Latoya Brown

    I can't wait to help out!

  • by Kachi Ugorji

    Hello all, i just joined this volunteer program. Seeing the number of people willing to help the needy is inspiring. I've always looked down on communities as to how the treat and help the elders. Observing and comparing such to my country only makes me sad but reading through these testimonies cheers me up. I've had years of assisting the needy, including my grandmother who lived with us in Africa. The joyful feeling of putting a smile on elders faces is priceless. I hope in due time I will be honored to be someone's pillar.

  • Working with seniors by Clay Palmer

    For a year and a half between August 2008 to January 2009, I worked for the St John's Medical Centers Senior Center in Jackson, WY. I was primarily the prep cook and server to all the some 40 Seniors at the center. I helped prepare their meals, serve them 3 times daily, sat and chatted with them, showed them slide shows of my photography, sat and talked privately with many of the Seniors and got to know many of them like extra grandparents. It was a very rewarding job and sometimes because of extreme age or other health factors someone would pass away. It was always hard to come to work and learn that someone had passed since I had seen them the day before. Some were coherent others were unable to make any knowledge of my presence, but all seemed to be very glad to have someone there to help and listen to their stories and look at their pictures from the past.

  • Hello! by Jehaan Rehman

    I applied a while ago and I am really looking forward to volunteering! I am excited because I really want to do something new and create a positive impact in my society.

  • Elder helpers by April Chavez

    I think this is a great program, and everyone that can help should. Tomorrow I am going out and I am going to post as many fliers as I possibly can. Everyone needs to get active and get involved in the elder care movement.

  • ...this is great by Stan

    i just volunteered,but im thankful for this..you know, nothing beats that great feeling that comes wt helping someone.

  • by Shanetta Williams

    Just signed up haven't printed fliers yet don't have a printer but i'll do in the morning and start handing them out in my community and giving them out to every person I can.....I'm so eager for this new experience.....The gift of giving is a blessing.

  • Elder helper by Carlos Calderon

    I am Proud to be be an elder Helper, and i am really looking forward to help the elders! I barely applied today and i already posted posters in grocery's and main locations.

  • Volunteering by Luz Medina

    i just registered to volunteer and i am looking forward to help my community. i hope i start soon. i cant wait to put a smile on someone that needs it.

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