Testimonials of Volunteers

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  • Admired your spirit by Mehmet Oz

    i am a new arrival among you here. today i discovered the work you are in. i admired the spirit of the volunteers. i wish best of luck to all. have a nice day...

  • Getting started by Kareena

    I would like to start helping the elderly in any way I can. I just want to do something meaningful and I think this is the way I can do that and make someone feel special. Everyone deserves to feel that way and I want to be a part of that.

  • Testimonal by Adrian Kasan

    My name is Adrian I am a person who loves giving back for god has blessed with the ability and the compassion to help out others it is the best feeling in the world to know that you can help out any way possible there are always others out there that need our help just glad I am able to help.

  • Helping by Lynda

    I just joined, I\'m in Boise Idaho, worked in medical in various positions on and off for over 25 yrs. Looking forward to helping out and hopefully making some friends along the way. I work swing shift so I can help out mornings and part time.

  • So excited! by Lauren Howard

    Just joined!! Im very excited to start helping out in my community

  • by Cheryl Larkins

    Hello just got started and can't wait to help an elderly person in need, I truly feel its my calling

  • Help available by Jimmy Shah

    Hello Community, I'd love to help an elderly person in Cincinnati area, it would be my honor and privilege. Thanks, Jimmy

  • Helping hands by Donna Johnson

    Hello my name is Donna and I have just applied, I am so excited to join because there is sure a need for the elderly so I am just happy to do my part any way that I can my dad passed away so years ago and i always remember him telling me to always do my part in the community by helping those in need! It doesnt cost anything to put a smile on the faces of those in need... so I am just reaching out my hand. I will be looking forward to a phone call. Sincerely, Donna.

  • Improving by Nofar

    Helping is making the world a better place and thats what i want to do! :)

  • Starting out by Matt

    Hey I just started with a profile on the program I printed a couple of fliers that I wish to post at the grocery store with a number and email. :)

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