Testimonials of Volunteers

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  • Getting started by Elizabeth Thornton

    I would like to start helping the elderly in any way I can. I just want to do something meaningful and I think this is the way I can do that and make someone feel special. Everyone deserves to feel that way and I want to be a part of that.

  • Very excited to volunteer ! by Darinique Bynoe

    I just started this volunteering program and im very excited to help the elderly. My name is Darinique but if thats too hard just call me Paris. I've been anxious to get a call and get started but still no luck but god will bless me with somebody to help. I just know he will

  • Ready to volunteer by Frances Story

    i cant wait to volunteer and help a elderly person in the gulfport area i love to help the elderly and i care about them. Fran.

  • Testimonal by Robbin Phillips

    My name is Robbin I am a person who loves giving back for god has blessed with the ability and the compassion to help out others it is the best feeling in the world to know that you can help out any way possible there are always others out there that need our help just glad I am able to help. Even if you just need a friend to talk to. I am here for you. I love running errands, cleaning house. I am in the pea ridge area, so if you live there give me a call, I can even mow your yard.

  • Would love to get back to visiting by Dennis Belanger

    I used to mow lawns for seniors when I was growing up and loved visiting with them before and after and loved hearing their life stories and loved telling them mine lol at the time I was only about 12 or 13 but I did this for about four years and had a great time and felt wonderful inside. I cant wait to spend some of my free time with some seniors again who desperately may just want a visitor to talk with, That's me!I also would like to help with odds and ends if they need it as well.

  • Love to be a volunteer for elder helpers. by Veena Varma

    Hi there i just can't wait to be a part of elder helpers and i would be so happy if your organization give me a chance to work for these seniors and i can prove myself that i can really do something for them and put a great smile on their faces by not just being a volunteer but a good friend to them.

  • Helping by Brittany

    my name is Brittany an i am really looking far to helping the elder im a outgoing person i love reading listening to music ,cleaning and cooking i have a great background ,i have a lot of free time on my hands so this is the the best to keep my self busy by becoming a helper to others that need it ...

  • Helping out by Thandi

    I love helping the elderly because i want them to feel they are still needed and i love to see the smile on their faces when they are happy.Hoping to help out someone in need very soon.

  • Hello by Alice

    I am happy to be part of this and its great to expess our true feeing and I just wanna thank you everyone for being a part of this program..

  • by Brandon Gamble

    i just registered to volunteer and i am looking forward to help my community. i hope i start soon. i cant wait to put a smile on there faces.

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