I signed up. What do I do now?

First: Make sure that you have a great profile picture, smiley ones are better!
Second: Review your biography. If you were seeking help for your mother or grandmother and read your biography would you trust yourself? Would you feel comfortable calling up to ask for help?
Third: Get your background checked. If you were seeking help for a family member, would you think it's ok to ask the help of someone you have never met to help your parent without running a background check first? Probably not. IntelliCorp is a very serious company and we feel comfortable with the quality of their background check service. Due the large number of volunteers using our service, we are not able to cover the cost of your background check for you. But don’t worry, we have negotiated volume prices with them and passed on the discount to you.
Fourth: Help us spread the word on facebook by "liking" the Elderhelpers.org page and recommending it to your friends. We get a lot of "word of mouth" referrals through to facebook.
Fifth: Post a few flyers, Flyers help in getting the word out about the program! Do your part and help the organization lower its advertising costs. If you want, put your name on the flyer so that people can find you in the search results when they look for help.
Sixth: Wait for someone to contact you. If you don’t want to sit around waiting for the volunteer opportunity to fall in your lap, keep posting flyers with your name on it in your community - It pays off!


How do I get my background checked?

Go to the portal that our partner IntelliCorp has specifically dedicated for us and enter the password “elderhelpers” to start the process.

Who handles my social security number and payment information for the purpose of the background check?

Intellicorp, not us, handles your social security number and your payment information for the purpose of your background check.

I don't have a printer to print the flyer, what do I do?

Find one! Being an Elder Helper is being proactive. Anyone can fill up a quick questionnaire online, but a true volunteer goes out there and takes action! Printers are not that hard to come by these days, you have several options like libraries or private printing services that can be found in every town. Your local community college can also probably help you out with that, or perhaps your neighbor.

Where do I post flyers?

Anywhere that you think is appropriate. Here are a few ideas: Senior Living complexes, Schools, Places of Worship, Laundromats, Community Centers, Libraries, Town Hall/Town Offices, Supermarkets, Bus Stations/Bus Stops, Pharmacies, Video Stores, Hairdressers, Court House, YMCA, Fast Food Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Boy's and Girl's Clubs, Thrift Stores, Community Health Centers, Hospital Outpatient Clinics, Child Care Centers, Pediatric Health Center, Human Services Center, Child Development Center, Catholic Family Services, Program for Displaced Homemakers, Community Colleges, Town Social Services, Adult Education Centers, Department of Children Families, Catholic, or other religious Charities, Youth and Family Services, Cultural Centers, Easter Seals, Housing Authorities, Career Centers, Home Health Agencies, WIC/Nutritional Programs, United Way, Community Action Programs, Soup Kitchens/Food Pantries

How will I get contacted?

You will be contacted by phone, not by Elder Helpers, but directly by the person seeking help. You will either speak to the elder needing the help or to a relative of the elder needing the help. Be prepared to speak to a person, and not to someone who has been trained to ask for help from volunteers. Be kind and patient, chances are the person is not really comfortable and you will need to make them feel good. If someone seems a little bossy or awkward, that is probably because they are embarrassed and not sure that they are worthy of your generosity. Be cool. Also, if a relative is calling, keep in mind that you are going to help the elder, not the relative.

I just got contacted by someone asking for help, what do I do now?

First: Make sure to ask for the email address that they have used at the time of registration. You will need it to login your hours and get rewards.
Second: Get to know the person over the phone, make sure that the type of help that they need and your availability matches what you can offer.
Third: Meet the person in a public place to get more comfortable
Fourth: Decide if you want to help!
Fifth: Login your hours and get rewards!

How do I log in my hours?

To log in your hours, you need to email help@elderhelpers.org with the first and last name of the person and the city in which it took place. Most importantly, you need to give us the email address that the person used at the time of registration. We will verify that the person is an active subscriber and if so validate your log. We will then reward you accordingly. We are not able to login any hours without the email of the person who has registered so be sure to collect this right from the beginning. Remember: you need to know the email that they used at the time of subscribing and not any other email address that they might have, in order for us to be able to accept your logged hours.

Do I get rewarded for volunteering with elderhelpers.org?

Yes! Besides the reward that you are getting from a meaningful connection with an elder, we do reward our volunteers with gift cards and all sorts of goodies. Make sure to ask for the email address that the elder or relative used to sign up to be able to log your hours and claim your rewards!


I don't have time to volunteer right now, how do I take myself off the search results?

Simply login to your profile and set yourself to unavailable, you will not come up in the search results anymore. When you become available again, remember to set your profile back to available!

How do I completely delete my account?

Simply set your profile to make it unavailable and your information will not be available to anyone and you will not be contacted anymore.

Where are you located?

The brick and mortar location from where Elder Helpers is run is located in San Diego, California and we are proud to serve the world from this sunny city.

Where can I send a donation to?

We appreciate any monetary support you can give to help keep our programs running, as we are a volunteer-based operation. Checks can be made out and mailed to: Campaign for Aging Research, 4629 Cass Street Suite 36 San Diego, CA 92109 USA. Please write "Elder Helpers" in the memo line and do not send cash through the mail.

Why am I getting a "url" error while trying to create a volunteer profile?

In an effort to fight spam, we are blocking web addresses, i.e. “urls” in volunteers’ biographies. If you are not trying to type in a url but you are still getting this error message, this means that your text has at least one syntax error. Run your biography through text processing software like Microsoft Word to see what you are doing wrong.

Do you offer live-in exchange services where I can get room and/or board in exchange for services

We are currently preparing to offer this service: if you are interested please sign up to the live-in exchange mailing list here: