We at Elder Helpers provide nationwide volunteer assistance to seniors for a participation of less than one dollar a day.

Evidently, volunteers can only do that much and they are only a temporary solution. We recruit a little over ten thousands new volunteers a year when there are millions of elders in need of assistance.

This is why we are looking for a corporate partner. As a tax-deductible nonprofit organization, we benefit from various support, and have the opportunity to advertise our service on the web at little or no cost, in a massive way.

We would like to offer incentives for elders and their families to take part in Elder Helpers. A discount for assisted living and professional caregiving services would be ideal.

The marketing benefits for our corporate partners would be substantial. On our side, we would benefit from increased donations.

Since we are tax exempt organization, the gift to Elder Helpers from our corporate partners would also be deductible. We would simply pass them along to our users, thus helping our corporate partners in the acquisition of new customers.

We will also consider any transaction-based promotions, joint issue promotions, and licensing opportunities with any reputable nationwide or worldwide corporation.

To start exploring partnership opportunities contact Corporate Partnership.


Media Professionals:

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