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Welcome Media Professional! We strive to assist you in your challenging reporting mission by providing you with the elements required for investigation and story telling. Our PR team is at your entire disposal and is awaiting your inquiry. The best way to get in touch is via email at

About Page
An About page created with the media professional in mind. It will provide you with inspiring background information that is also useful and relevant to what is newsworthy right now. Let's go!

Bios of Key Players
Who are the important players within our organization and what expertise do they bring to the table? This page should enable you to easily determine our abilities and for which topics we could be used as a source. You will also be able to easily contact any of the key players directly via the personal email address link included in each bio. Let's go!

Downloadable Photos and Graphics
An online story or blog post has a lot more punch when a graphic is included. This page makes high quality images available to you: High-res jpeg of our logo, screenshots of our key web pages, headshots of our CEO and spokesperson and many other images that are newsworthy. Let's go!

Latest News
Here you will conveniently find in one place all the links to our latest press releases. Let's go!

Audio and Video Clips
We would like to make it easier for you to use information in your story by providing you with a comprehensive collection of MP3 sound files and WMV or MPEG video files. Let's go!

Our pressroom offers a collection of clips and links to our recent appearances in the news. You will find links to publications and blogs that recently used us as a source or featured our organization in some way. Let's go!

Guidelines and Glossary
This section contains a glossary to help with technical or industry specific terms and concepts, as well as guidelines about our preference as to how our organization's name is written in print, logo usage, etc. Let's go!

Story Ideas
Top ten story ideas pertaining to our industry that may just help spark an idea! Also find ready-made quotes that you can use if you are on a tight deadline. Let's go!

Contact Information
Speak directly with our company’s media representative! Let's go!