Make a difference in your community. Help the Elderly

Our non-profit organization has the largest network of volunteers dedicated to help the elderly. With over 10,000 volunteers joining us to help the elderly, they canít be wrong.

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When the elders are in need of help, they search for volunteers within 10 miles of their zip code and contact them based on their profile. Take less than three minutes to create a profile, add an image or your favorite hobbies for a personal touch!


Help the Elderly in your Community

When helping the elderly with our program through, you might just experience some of the most rewarding volunteer work available in your community. Our simple and easy-to-use site allows you to create a small biography about yourself, select activities that you would like to volunteer for and then be contacted by an elder near you.

"I was searching the web for hours to find an elder in my community that needed help, made it easy and simple for me. I just wish I would have heard about your organization earlier!" - James, Baltimore, Maryland

"After my two sons moved across the country, I had no one to help me and was all alone. Then I got connected with a volunteer using, who visits me once a week. He is the highlight of my day!" - Eleanor, Madison, Wisconsin